5 Reasons You Should Schedule AC Maintenance in the Fall

Are you excited for cooler weather? More importantly, is your heating and cooling system prepared for the change in seasons? Your AC has worked hard this summer! Before you give it a break during winter, schedule maintenance to ensure your unit is working properly and efficiently. Preventative AC maintenance will save you money on future repairs and prepare your AC unit for next season.

Prolong the Unit’s Lifespan 

Your HVAC system is an investment for your home and family. When properly cared for, AC units can serve you for many years! In some cases, purchasing a new AC unit might be necessary. However, when you take care of the healthy working unit you already have, you can prolong replacing your unit and experience less repairs along the way!  

Prepare Your Heating System for the Colder Season

Florida may not have any claim to fame when it comes to harsh winters, but Floridians know that it can get quite chilly during the winter months. Soon, you will be thinking about starting your heat back up and letting your AC take a breather. Fall AC maintenance will ensure that your heating system is ready to run, so you and your family can stay toasty and warm this winter!

Give Your HVAC System a Refresh 

Your AC unit deserves a “job well done” for keeping you cool all summer long. With the wear and tear of a hot summer, problems can bubble beneath the surface without you knowing it. AC maintenance after an intense season will identify any issues in need of repair and ensure your unit is in great condition before it relaxes in the winter.

Maintain Energy Efficiency with Regular AC Maintenance

It is no secret that energy bills have been on the rise. But did you know that maintaining a well-working, efficient AC unit can decrease your energy bill by 5% to 10%? When your AC is working smoothly, there is no need for extra energy to be exerted to overcome issues, such as a dirty filter, clogged drain lines, or low refrigerant levels. Stay one step ahead with preventative AC maintenance and watch your energy bill drop!

Clear Outdoor Debris

An important aspect of AC maintenance to remember is to keep your outdoor unit clear of debris, such as overgrowth, leaves, twigs, and more. Your AC unit needs ample access to the air and space around your unit. Oftentimes, outdoor debris can harm your unit by blocking vents or damaging the unit with dents. As we slow down from summer – a peak growing season – now is a great time to clear any overgrown vegetation from around your outdoor unit before winter. 

AC Maintenance = Happy Home

To schedule post-summer AC maintenance, visit our website or call today! You can trust Comfort Temp professionals with all your AC service needs. Did you know we offer 24/7 emergency service repairs? We are here for you day and night!

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