Our Preventative Maintenance Plans

Preventative AC maintenance is the best way to save money, live stress-free, and prevent an AC breakdown. We rely on consistent air conditioning year-round in Gainesville and Jacksonville, so having peace of mind about the health of your HVAC system is important. Signing up for our CTCares preventative maintenance plan is the easiest way to protect your HVAC system.

The Benefits

One of the best parts of our preventative maintenance plans is that you’ll receive routine scheduled visits by one of our service technicians to inspect, clean, and protect your AC system at least once a year. Not only will your technician know your needs and your unit, but you’ll also be able to diagnose problems early before they become costly fixes in the future.

We currently offer two plans: Basic & Essential. Both of these plans allow your system to remain protected and ready for any extreme weather North Florida may throw our way.

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