6 Easy Ways to Help Your AC Unit Beat the Florida Heat

Here in Florida, we are no strangers to scorching temperatures, and the heat of our summers can really put your home’s AC unit to work. Fortunately, there are some practical and simple ways you can help your unit out, so it runs as efficiently for your family as possible.

Help Your AC Keep Its Cool

Giving your AC unit a little TLC is easier than you think with the following tips.

Check Your Vents

If your AC unit’s vents are clogged with dirt and debris, your AC wastes energy trying to maintain airflow that becomes trapped. An easy way to boost your efficiency is to vacuum your vents regularly and ensure that no furniture blocks the vent.

Seal Any Leaks

If your utility bill has gone up unexpectedly or you notice that your AC unit is struggling to keep your family comfortable, you may have leaks surrounding your windows and doors that allow the cold air to escape your home. If you notice leaks, seal up the spaces with the appropriate weatherstripping.

Similarly, leaks can occur in your AC unit’s ductwork. Leaking ducts can negatively affect your indoor air quality, the comfortability of your home and energy efficiency, so any gaps should be sealed.

Change Your Filters

This step is simple, but it’s one that too many people skip. Your AC filters constantly work to keep your home’s air as clean as possible. TThat is especially true during the hotter summer months! Change your filters even more frequently than usual during these months to ensure that your AC is not working harder than needed.

Close the Blinds

Keeping your windows covered with blinds or heat-resistant curtains during the hottest hours of the day is an easy way to help repel the heat back outside. Your AC unit won’t have to work harder to compensate for the extra heat coming into your home.

Turn Up the Temperature

You can help your AC unit run more efficiently while saving money by raising your thermostat around 5-8 degrees. The availability of programmable thermostats makes it even easier to increase your home’s temperature. You can then lower it to your ideal temperature when you return.

Schedule Maintenance

Of course, the best way to get your AC unit summer ready is to schedule an inspection and maintenance service. This helps you know your unit is running at its best and gets ahead of any potential problems before they worsen.

Chill Out This Summer With Comfort Temp

When you’re ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your AC unit is prepared for whatever our seasons bring, contact your trusted Comfort Temp team. Our skilled technicians know how to help your AC run optimally year-round to keep your home comfortable.

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