Commercial Heating Repair

Servicing Your Commercial Heat Pump and Furnace

As with a residential heat pump, a functional commercial heat pump acts as both the heating and cooling system for your building. When your commercial heat pump is not operating correctly, it can mean a decline in your team’s comfort, in addition to profitability and productivity losses for your business. A working heat pump is essential to keep you and your team comfortable all year long. If you need commercial heating repair in Gainesville or Jacksonville, call us today!

Heat Pump Maintenance

Our Florida winters are thankfully short, but having reliable heat pump service at your office is a must. When your heat pump doesn’t operate properly, it makes your employees uncomfortable, increases your utility bills, and is incredibly frustrating for you as the business owner.

Scheduling regular heat pump checks at your commercial building at least once a year ensures your heat pump always works. We inspect your unit, ducts, belts, coils, thermostats, and filters while also checking airflow, diagnosing, and sealing any duct leaks. Comfort Temp’s regular servicing often prevents small issues from turning into costly, more extensive problems down the road. Moreover, proper maintenance will lengthen your commercial unit’s life.

Heat Pump Repair

When your commercial heat pump is malfunctioning, you may observe the same red flags you would with your residential unit. But, if you notice any of the below occurring at your office building, it’s time to call Comfort Temp for repair or replacement.

Temperature irregularities. If your commercial building’s temperature is operating at extremes and producing air that’s too hot or too cold, it could be due to a stuck reversal valve.

Icy or Frozen Coils. If you see visible ice or signs of freezing on your building’s outdoor coils, your heat pump could have a dirty air filter or a refrigerant leak.

Loud noises. If you or your team notices new and strange sounds coming from your furnace, it needs to be inspected.

Short cycling. When your commercial heat pump operates in “rapid cycling,” and continually turns off and on but doesn’t complete any cycles, it can wear out your heat pump prematurely and necessitate replacement.

Higher Utilities. If your energy bill goes up and there are no other identifiable causes, your heat pump may have damaged coils.

Commercial Furnace Repair

When you look around your business, are all your employees bundled up in sweaters or blankets? Do they go outside to warm up during the winter because it’s warmer outside than it is inside? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s time to have your commercial furnace repaired.

Here in Florida, many businesses run heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units all year long. This continual use, heating what is typically more square footage than a residential building, causes increased wear and tear on your commercial furnace. Whatever problems you notice with your aging or failing unit, our experienced Comfort Temp technicians can expertly diagnose and fix them for you.

Common Commercial Furnace Issues

There are many warning signs to watch for when your commercial furnace isn’t operating as it should:

Burning smell. New smells you haven’t noticed before are a good indication that your unit is failing. Particularly watch for a burnt smell around your commercial unit.

Power problems. When your unit doesn’t turn on, it can be due to a complicated issue such as a control board, capacitor, or blower motor malfunction, or it could be as simple as loose wiring.

Squeaking or squealing. Your furnace could be on its way to complete failure if you hear it making loud, unusual noises.

Failure to ignite. If you hear clicking sounds and your furnace won’t ignite, you likely have a blocked flue or faulty control board.

Burner won’t light or stay lit. Dirty sensors, clogged drains, or gas supply issues can keep your burner from lighting at all or staying lit.

Blower not starting. If your burners light but your blower won’t turn on, a malfunctioning motor or capacitor can be to blame.

Blower runs constantly. If you notice your furnace blower is still operating even when the unit is off, it could result from a dirty air filter and damaged limit switch.

Defective Furnaces Are Dangerous

Faulty commercial furnace units don’t just make you and your employees cold and uncomfortable. They are also dangerous! Improperly vented or clogged ducts can cause carbon monoxide buildup, while cracks in the combustion chamber or heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide to leak. Furnaces that don’t receive enough fresh air cause low oxygen levels, while soot buildup in a dirty furnace can cause fires.

Commercial Heat Services With Comfort Temp

Our Comfort Temp technicians know how aggravating it can be to have a heat pump or furnace decline and be concerned that it will take a stressful amount of time to repair – hours taken away from running your business.

Comfort Temp is here for you, offering 24/7 AC and heating services from our highly skilled experts in heat pump/furnace maintenance and repair. We have kept Florida businesses like yours comfortable for over 35 years, so you don’t have to lose out on valuable time or suffer avoidable frustration. If you commercial heating repair in Gainesville or Jacksonville, give us a call today!