7 Ways to Protect Your AC Unit During a Remodel

Remodeling your home can often feel overwhelming. It can be easy to overlook the importance of protecting your AC unit, vents, and ducts. Balancing your remodel plan with your budget while considering how to make your space suit you and your family best is hard. But, it is easier to protect your air conditioning system than you may think. Following these simple tips can minimize unnecessary wear and tear on your unit.

Tips to Follow to Protect Your AC Unit

1. Turn it Off

If you choose to complete your remodeling project when the weather is milder, such as spring or fall, you can turn your HVAC unit off. For those with smart thermostats, switching to manual mode will allow you to shut down your HVAC system on days you know construction will occur. This helps your unit not vacuum up any dirt or debris and working harder to compensate for the renovation crew coming in and out of your home.

2. Replace Filters

While every few months is an acceptable schedule for changing out your HVAC filters, it should be done more frequently during remodeling, as often as every few weeks. If you find that you cannot look through your filter, you need a new one. Maintaining clean filters helps your HVAC operate optimally and also keeps your air clean.

3. Cover Vents and Registers

Close your vents and registers near where the remodeling work is done to avoid construction debris making its way into your ductwork. Then, cover them with tarps or sheeting and seal with industrial-strength tape.

4. Control Dust and Dirt

During the remodeling process, clean and vacuum nearby surfaces often to prevent free dust from being sucked up through your HVAC unit. When possible, do the messier tasks – like sawing or sanding – outside to minimize indoor dust and debris. If it is necessary to do the work indoors, you can use fans and plastic coverings to mitigate dust.

5. Add Extra Filtration

One simple and inexpensive way to minimize free dust and keep your home’s air as clean as possible is to purchase an air filtration system. These units effectively remove contaminants, mold, and dust from your air, particularly helpful in the areas of your home where remodeling has occurred.

6. Schedule Maintenance

After your remodel is completed, schedule a check-up with the Comfort Temp team to ensure your unit is ready to resume its regular operation for your home. We check the vents, ductwork, and HVAC equipment, which allows us to immediately diagnose any lingering issues resulting from the remodel and fix any problems before they become greater and more extensive down the road.

7. Consider an Upgrade

If your remodel has encouraged you to renew your HVAC unit, or if you find your existing system does not sufficiently heat or cool your rooms, you may need an upgrade. Our Comfort Temp experts can inspect your unit and advise you of the best, most efficient new options for your home.

Remodel Your Space – Rely on Comfort Temp

Whether you are getting ready to remodel and want to protect your AC unit from damage, or you discover during the process that you need a newer system, Comfort Temp is here to help you inspect, repair, or replace your unit. No matter your HVAC needs, reach out to us today to schedule a visit, and get ready to breathe easier in your newly remodeled space.

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