Why You Should Not DIY Duct Clean

Cleaning your home doesn’t always sound like something you’d need to hire someone to do, but when it comes to your air ducts, choosing a professional is the right decision. Unlike other areas of your home, air ducts require professional skills, tools, and knowledge so that you can have safe and clean air.

You’re missing the proper equipment

Typically, when we hear someone is attempting to DIY duct clean, they’re using the hose on their vacuum. Unfortunately, a normal vacuum is not nearly powerful enough to clear out your ducts. In fact, it’s likely not even long enough to reach the majority of the build-up. For a thorough cleaning of your air ducts, a variety of professional tools are needed. The cost to buy the proper equipment far outweighs the cost of having professionals do it for you.

You’re releasing dust into the air

Without the right suction, dust and particles that dislodge from the interior of the ducts will be left to circulate through the air, increasing the risk of health concerns. Instead of clearing out your air, you will unknowingly allow more contaminants to flow throughout your home.

Injuries or damage 

The ducts in your home must be sealed tightly for optimal airflow. If you were to damage them while cleaning, even just a tear could cause problems to your entire air system and require you to hire a professional to repair it. You’re also putting yourself at risk of physical injury by attempting to conduct duct cleaning without proper training or experience. Instead of risking costly damages or injuries, consider calling the experts.

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

Your ductwork is an intricate and important part of your central air system. For optimal functionality and efficiency, cleaning your ductwork is crucial. Not only will it benefit you and your central air system, but it also gives our professionals the chance to spot any damage, leaks or other problems within your ducts.

Periodically cleaning your air ducts will help prevent allergens from circulating throughout the home, creating healthier living conditions for you and your family. Here are the key benefits of taking care of this routine home maintenance:

  • Removes odors and smells
  • Helps to improve allergies and respiratory issues
  • Improves airflow efficiency, saving you money on AC bills

Call Comfort Temp Today to Schedule Your Duct Cleaning

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