What Temperature Should You Keep Your Home in Fall?

After a long, hot Florida summer, we are all ready for some cool reprieve, and those days are finally upon us! As the temperatures continue to drop, you may be curious about ways to take advantage of the cooler weather and boost energy efficiency.  We will share our recommendations for the seasonal do’s and don’ts of running your air conditioning during the fall, such as the ideal thermostat temperatures. Keep reading for tips and tricks! 

Ideal Thermostat Temperatures

Did you know that your energy bill will be lowest when there’s as little difference as possible between indoor and outdoor temperatures? With fluctuating Florida temperatures, this can be hard to achieve. Instead, try changing your thermostat when you leave your home to a temperature closer to the outdoor temperature. This will help reduce your bill but requires fewer changes to your thermostat.

Although temperatures are mild in the fall, it is important not to let too much heat or humidity build up. We recommend that you keep your home no higher than 78 degrees. Florida has the perfect environment for mold growth, and keeping the temperature any higher can put you at risk. 

Energy Saving Best Practices

Smart Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat is a great way to conserve energy and boost efficiency. With a smart thermostat, you are able to control the temperature from anywhere through your phone with just one tap. By using the manual and energy reports from the thermostat, you can track energy usage and optimize your temperature for maximum comfort and efficiency. 

Let Fresh Air In 

Pleasant fall weather is the perfect time to open windows and doors to let fresh air inside! Mornings and late evenings are typically the coolest part of the day. However, keep an eye on outdoor humidity levels before you decide to open up your windows. 

Properly Seal Windows and Doors 

While it’s technically the fall season, we know that there are still hot days in Florida. As your air conditioning is combatting the outdoor heat, the last thing you want is air escaping through your windows or doors. Check the seals regularly to ensure no cool air is getting out.  

Keep Your Unit in Great Shape

A smart way to reduce energy costs is to ensure your air conditioning is running smoothly all year long. Make sure you are listening to signs that your unit might need repair and stay on a regular preventative maintenance schedule. Your unit can serve you well for a long time when it is consistently healthy!

The AC Experts

Comfort Temp is here for you through every season! With temperatures starting to change, make sure your air conditioning and heat are ready to take on the winter. Call us for 24/7 emergency repairs and check out our services.

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