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What Does Central Air Actually Mean?

Determining what type of air conditioning system your home has and which type suits your family best is much simpler than you may think. Central air conditioning is important to combat the rising temperatures by keeping a consistent flow of cooled air running through your space. We’re here to help make your air conditioning decisions easy.

2 Types of Central Air Conditioners

Split Systems

These systems are ideal for families with larger spaces or businesses because they have both an indoor and an outdoor unit. They are more efficient than other options and highly customizable given their 2-part structure. Split systems have such high energy efficiency they even have the potential to add value to your home.

Packaged Units

When looking for a convenient solution for limited space in a home or business, a package system is your best option. As the name infers, packaged units comprise all the necessary features in a singular unit located outside your home. Compared to window air conditioners, these units have much higher cooling and heating capacity.

How Does Central Air Work?

First, the indoor unit fan pulls warm air from your space into the return air ducts, where it passes through filters to remove dust and other contaminants. Next, the air is cooled by passing over the cold evaporator coil, where the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat and converts it into gas. Another fan blows the cool air back into your space.

Afterward, the gas refrigerant moves to the compressor through copper tubes. All of the gas is pressurized, sent to the condenser coil, and released outdoors. The refrigerant reverts into a liquid and returns to the coil to continue cooling your home.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to preset your thermostat to turn down if temperatures rise
  • Significantly more economical than window or wall units
  • Improved indoor air quality through advanced filtration

What’s Included in a Central AC System?

The two different types of central air conditioning systems are split systems and packaged units. A split system consists of

  • Outdoor unit
  • Indoor unit
  • Copper tubing

A packaged unit includes a fan, condenser coil, compressor, and fan coil in one unit.

Let Comfort Temp Ensure You Have Top-Notch Air Conditioning

At Comfort Temp, we want to use our air conditioning experience and knowledge to serve Gainesville and Jacksonville customers. Call our experts today to switch to central air conditioning or service your current unit.

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