5 Daily Habits That Harm Your AC

We certainly don’t expect you to be an HVAC expert. That’s why we’re here to help! AC units are susceptible to a lot of wear and tear over the years. The “little” things add up. Eliminating these everyday habits that threaten your AC allows your HVAC system to run efficiently & effectively!

1. Setting the Temperature Too High

Now, this first point might seem fairly obvious. Yet, plenty of HVAC system owners fall prey to this habit every day. Adjusting the thermostat moderately throughout the day is common and in the Florida heat, essential.

The problem occurs when owners set their thermostats at extremely hot or cold temperatures. When you do this, an excessive amount of energy is used. With too much energy consumption, comes the eventual malfunction and overheating of the system. To reduce this, set your thermostat around 7°-10° lower than its usual temperature at that time of year. Plus, investing in a smart thermostat can help provide that extra help in adopting healthier HVAC habits!

2. Turning Off AC in Empty/Less Active Rooms

A common misconception is that it’s best to completely turn off your HVAC system in unutilized rooms. However, this practice ultimately results in uneven heating and cooling throughout the house. Too much pressure is placed on the rest of the house, leading to an uneven distribution of hot and cold spots. Even if these rooms are unused, the lack of AC within them might just be the demise of your whole unit.

3. Placing Plants Too Close to Units

All HVAC system owners should be wary of restricting airflow within their homes. Common threats are plants and vegetation surrounding your unit. Consequently, your unit will work far harder to compensate for the limited airflow. Besides this, loose leaves or weeds can find their way into your unit and cause additional complications. These plants can also attract animals and wildlife, which can cause even more harm to your system.

4. Keeping Curtains Open During The Most Extreme Times of Day

Floridians are no stranger to the extreme heat that gives the sunshine state its name. To combat the sun, your household curtains may prove to be more useful than just decor. It is extremely important to ensure that your curtains are closed in the summer to prevent excess heat from coming into your home.

Eventually, your system will go into overdrive trying to battle incoming heat when the curtains are left open. If you’re somebody who craves daylight (and understandably so), then be sure to avoid having the curtains open during the day’s sunniest hours. Your HVAC system will thank you!

5. Trying to Fix Your System By Yourself

HVAC systems can be tricky to deal with. In the midst of your AC emergencies, having to fix your system by yourself can do a lot more harm than good.

That’s why we want to help you. Get in contact 24/7 with one of our AC professionals who can serve you with their utmost knowledge and skill! We have solutions to any of your HVAC problems caused by common habits. Let us help you, whether it’s for your home or for your business.

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