Why Proper Insulation is Key to Optimal HVAC Performance

You may consider insulation as an afterthought when thinking of how efficiently your HVAC unit runs. However, depending on the make or model of your HVAC unit, it can make or break the AC efficiency of your unit. Not only can having the proper insulation keep you and your family comfortable all year long, but it also plays an important role in saving your money on your heating and cooling utility bills. We’ll cover how important insulation can be in ensuring your HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible!

5 Ways Insulation Improves HVAC Performance 

Insulation is measured in R-values, where the R stands for “resistance.” The number that follows indicates the number of hours it will withstand temperature changes. It’s important to note that different regions of the country have other requirements. How much you need in your home depends on your climate, the square footage of the house, and where it is placed.

In most of Florida, the following R-ratings are recommended:

  • R49–R60 for uninsulated attics 
  • R38–R49 if there are 3–4 inches of insulation in the attic already
  • R13 for uninsulated floors 
  • R13 or R0 + R10 CI for uninsulated wood-framed walls

In accordance with Florida Statutes, all new residential buildings must have at least a rating of R19 in insulation. 

Following these recommendations and regulations may initially seem complicated. But, we’ll explain why providing proper insulation is the best thing you could do for your home’s HVAC system.

Increased Energy Efficiency 

Insulation performs two essential functions. It keeps your home cool from the heat during the summer and keeps the heat inside during winter. Without it, your AC would constantly be running in order to keep up with the extreme weather conditions in Florida. Insulation provides an extra barrier, allowing the cool or hot air to stay in your home depending on the season. It alsosaves your HVAC system from running 24/7. This increases the overall energy efficiency of your home and HVAC system—not only saving you money in energy costs but also reducing your home’s carbon footprint. 

HVAC Noise Reduction

The noise of your HVAC can be an annoyance, especially when it first begins to run. While more modern systems will suppress this noise when possible, insulation can help silence the noise even more. Furthermore, any sounds from the outdoors or in your neighborhood should also be muffled with proper insulation installed. It is important to remember that while an HVAC system won’t ever be completely silent, odd or particularly loud noises could be the result of something being wrong with your system and may need a professional to address it. 

Keep Your Home Comfortable 

Because insulation helps trap the air inside your home, you will experience fewer changes in temperature as your AC cycles. Rather than your home becoming very cool while it’s running and warming up when it shuts off, it allows for your home to remain at an ideal, stable temperature throughout the day. This helps keep both you and your family more comfortable.

Extend Your HVAC’s Lifespan

Making your HVAC unit’s job easier results in less wear and tear. As a result, fewer repairs will be needed than when your unit is overworked. Not to mention that your HVAC unit would have to work harder than usual to compensate for the heat entering your home or the cool air escaping it were it not for proper insulation. With the lack of stress, you could help extend your HVAC’s lifespan, which is especially important to combat the ways Florida’s climate can affect your AC unit.

Insulation Saves Money in the Long Run 

With your energy being used more efficiently and less maintenance being done on your HVAC unit, you will see the benefits of insulation in your money saved. Not only will you experience lower energy bills with proper insulation, but you also shouldn’t have to worry about constantly repairing your unit outside of a yearly maintenance check-up. If you’re thinking about replacing your HVAC system or already have one you’re happy with, consider spending just a bit extra to install insulation, and you’ll see it eventually pay for itself. 

Experience Quality Insulation Installation with Comfort Temp 

In addition to ensuring you have the proper insulation types and levels, you may want to consider insulating your ducts even further. No matter your insulation situation, keep your unit running optimally by trusting Comfort Temp for all your heating and cooling needs. From duct cleaning to inspections, repairs, and replacements, we have the expertise to keep you and your family comfortable—no matter what! Contact us today to find out how we can improve your HVAC with insulation installment.

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