Air Conditioning in Florida: How the Climate Affects Your Unit

If you have lived in the “Sunshine State” for any amount of time, you know it is impossible, even dangerous, to have a home or building without air conditioning in Florida. The Florida climate poses several challenges to the functionality and longevity of your AC unit, despite its built-in environmental sturdiness. It is important to identify these challenges and know how to best combat them.

Understanding the Variables

There are several unique climate factors that can affect your air conditioning in Florida.


With Florida’s almost year-long heat, it is necessary to have your AC on consistently to keep you and your family cool throughout the day. However, having your AC constantly running can cause overexertion on your unit. 

This exertion significantly shortens your AC’s lifespan compared to other states with colder climates. While somewhat unavoidable due to the Florida sun, regular maintenance can help mitigate the effects and stretch your unit’s lifespan by several years.


Lightning can cause irreversible damage to your AC unit, despite its ability to withstand a rainy day. Lightning damage may cause power outages or even require complete replacement. A direct hit on your AC unit is rare, but with Florida being the USA’s lightning capital, it is important to be aware of the potential risk. 

Pro tip: You can reduce the risk caused by lightning by investing in a lightning rod or contacting Comfort Temp to install surge protectors.


Have you ever walked into a house without AC in Florida and been struck by humidity? This is because one of the main functions of air conditioning is to remove the humidity from the interior of your home. 

On average, your AC spends over half of its energy on dehumidification. Florida is one of the most humid regions in the United States. Therefore, your AC is spending a lot more time with climate control. Installing a separate dehumidifier system and ensuring proper insulation of your home can help reduce the strain that Florida’s humidity puts on your air conditioning.


In Florida, the high rainfall results in the release of more airborne allergens than in other states. These allergens can cause irritation to your lungs and your overall health. 

Your AC unit does a lot of work to remove allergens from your home, especially if you keep it at recommended temperatures. Over time, these allergens and dust can block your air filters and put unnecessary stress on your AC unit. Keeping up with duct cleaning and regularly replacing your AC filters helps keep your unit functional and your home comfortable.

Comfort Temp Knows How to Best Protect Your AC from Florida’s Climate

Our team of experts at Comfort Temp has over 35 years of experience working in Florida. We know how to best protect your AC unit from environmental challenges. By having a regular maintenance schedule, you can extend the lifespan of your air conditioning in Florida.

Contact the Comfort Temp team to set up regular check-up appointments for your AC. Rest easy knowing that through heat, lightning, humidity, and allergens, we’ll keep you and your home cool, comfortable, and healthy!

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