How Rain Affects Your HVAC System

With the unpredictable, rainy Florida weather, it’s good to know the effects rain has on your AC unit. Outdoor AC units are usually built to withstand different weather conditions, so rain is not typically a cause for concern. In fact, sometimes rain can help remove any build-up or debris stuck in your unit!

What to Watch Out For

Just because your unit is designed for durability doesn’t mean your unit is exempt from damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

Intense Storms

Rain alone doesn’t pose a threat to your unit, but storms that bring heavy wind gusts can carry over debris such as dirt, leaves, and large objects like tree branches that can damage the exterior and interior of your unit.


With heavy rain sometimes comes floodwaters. AC units are not capable of functioning while submerged in water. Flooding around your unit could cause electrical circuits as well as damage to the wiring and fan motor.


Lightning directly striking your unit is also a risk that could cause a power outage and ultimately, require a new unit.

How to Protect Your Unit

Now, what should you do to prevent your unit from getting damaged from rain and the inclement weather that accompanies it? We’ve included four ways to better protect your unit and ultimately your comfort.

Clear the Area

Keep your lawn and the area surrounding your home clear of anything that could be picked up by winds. This includes trimming any tree branches that may come down and bringing your porch furniture inside during intense storms. Clearing the area can reduce the chances of objects becoming projectiles and damaging your unit during a windy rainstorm.

Elevate and Anchor Your Unit

Keeping your unit elevated and anchoring it to a concrete base could help reduce the chances of flooding affecting your unit. Reach out to your HVAC technician for suggestions on a base height suitable for your unit.

Install a Surge Protector

Storms can result in power outages, so it’s important to be one step ahead of the weather and have a surge protector installed for your unit. These surges can actually damage your unit beyond repair, resulting in the need for a new unit. Fortunately, Comfort Temp installs surge protectors to protect your unit and system from these damaging surges. Contact us to learn more!

Regular Maintenance

Of course, it’s important to make sure that your HVAC is running smoothly no matter the weather. If something is wrong with your unit, rain or a storm could cause an even bigger issue for you and your HVAC. Schedule regular maintenance to make sure that your unit is ready for all types of weather and keep your mind at ease.

Comfort Temp Has Your Back In All Kinds of Weather

While regular rain won’t affect your AC, heavy weather conditions certainly can. Keep your home, unit, and family safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather. Contact our Comfort Temp team with any questions about your unit and how it’ll withstand the weather. Rest assured knowing that Comfort Temp has your back.

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