Your AC Spring Cleaning To-Do List

As the weather starts to warm up, now’s the time to take preventative measures! What better time to ensure your home has clean air than during your annual clean-up?

Don’t forget to add your HVAC system to your spring cleaning list, so you can enjoy a comfortable home all year long. Following this simple, proactive AC maintenance to-do list will keep you in the clear of AC breakdowns and keep your family happy and healthy.

Essential To-Do’s

Schedule a Check-Up

Once summer is in full swing, your AC will work overtime to combat the rising temperatures. Any previous issues that aren’t fixed are more likely to develop into a serious problem and ultimately a breakdown. Scheduling a check-up with us now will ensure that any possible issues are found and fixed before you’re faced with an AC outage during the hottest days.

Change Your Air Filters

While changing your air filters is important every season, it’s even more of a priority in the spring. Seasonal allergies are at an all-time high, and your old air filters can quickly fill up with pollen and other airborne debris. If you wait too long to change your air filters, airflow will be restricted, causing you to pay higher bills.

New air filters will improve air quality and clear those allergens. Being proactive can help your health and your wallet.

Clear and Inspect Your HVAC Unit

The spring brings a lot of rain, so maintaining the outside of your unit is just as important as the inside. Leaves, dirt, and branches can damage your outside HVAC unit. Furthermore, clearing around your unit’s exterior now will prevent further damage when storm season starts.

Next Steps

Have Your Duct System Inspected and Cleaned

Throughout the year, your duct system can collect dust, mold, and other allergens that will need to be removed. Our team will inspect your duct system to see if your home would benefit from duct system cleaning. Plus, we check for any potential leaks that could be harming your AC’s efficiency.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Want to save money on extra energy costs and protect yourself from stress? Take the energy-efficient step of installing a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat adjusts your temperature throughout the day to your preferences, making your AC run at its maximum efficiency. 

In Florida, you must be prepared for spring’s ever-changing temperatures. It may be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. By investing in a smart thermostat, you can program indoor temperatures based on the shifting seasons to maintain your comfort and improve efficiency.

Making the Proactive Choice

Between work and family, your spring cleaning list can get left in the dust. Comfort Temp is here to help take care of your AC, so you can check it off of your list and enjoy a stress-free summer of cool air.

Regular AC maintenance helps prevent irregular AC problems. Contact us today, and our experts will make sure you never need to worry about your unit giving out on you!

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