What to Ask Your Technician During a Furnace Repair

Having a professional in your home who’s educated in furnace repair is a valuable opportunity for you to gain knowledge about your system. We’ve put together a list of helpful questions to make sure you not only are receiving proper service but that you are provided with beneficial information. 

Furnace Question Guide

What is the source of the problem?

When it comes to furnace repair, a technician is the best person to find the source of the issue. From inadequate heating to difficulty starting the system, there are a variety of symptoms that can result from problems with your furnace. The most common sources of these concerns are dirty ductwork, old filters, and a faulty starting mechanism. Asking your technician the source of the problem will also help you identify further problems!

What is your cost estimate?

Transparency is a key factor in hiring a professional. There should never be large gaps between the estimate and the final cost unless drastic discoveries were made. A technician will be able to provide you with the total cost and a breakdown of each individual fee and why they performed those services. 

How often should I be scheduling furnace maintenance?

We typically recommend bi-annual appointments that will cover both your air conditioning and heating according to the season. Not only will this ensure seasonal maintenance but any serious problems will be caught before you face outages. Keeping your air conditioning and furnace frequently maintained is the best way to increase longevity. 

How can I make my furnace more energy efficient?

Energy conservation is a great way to maintain the health of your system and help out your wallet. Things like air filter replacement and observing your thermostat are simple ways to make the most of your furnace. There are also preventative measures you can take to keep your heater running smoothly that a technician can advise you on. 

What does the lifetime of my furnace look like?

There are a variety of indicators that point to your furnace coming to the end of its lifetime. These signs include:

  • Significant increases in your heating bill
  • Needing to frequently adjust your thermostat
  • Flame is no longer blue
  • Over 15 years old

By asking your technician about the state of your furnace, they will thoroughly inspect the system and give you advice accordingly. You may not know how old the furnace in your home is and be unaware of a big replacement expense coming your way.

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