My AC Went Out. What Should I Do?

Now that we’ve reached peak summer, your AC is combating the year’s hottest temperatures. Having your air conditioner break down or malfunction can be stressful and require emergency service. However, waiting for service doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. Use this guide to keep your home comfortable and find the root of your air conditioning problems. 

Equip Your Home

The busy season for air conditioning issues is here, making emergency service in high demand. We want you to still enjoy the comfort of your home while we’re en route. Here are 5 ways to minimize the increasing temperatures within your home to stay cool if the AC goes out.

1. Turn on all available fans.

This may be an obvious solution, but don’t just turn on your ceiling fans; adjust them to rotate counterclockwise. The cold air gets pushed down to the floor when the fan blades move in this direction. Air circulation will move the cool air that’s left and create a consistent breeze. Make sure to pull out any standing or box fans you may have stored away.

2. Cover your windows.

Blocking out the sun’s rays is crucial in maintaining low temperatures. Close all your curtains and blinds to prevent the outdoor heat from entering your home. With this in mind, only open doors to keep out the hot air if necessary.  

3. Rethink your cooking.

Using “non-essential” heat-generating appliances can increase your home’s temperature, furthering your struggle. We advise you to use smaller appliances such as your microwave or cook outdoors using a grill or smoker.

4. Run a dehumidifier if you have one.

Raining days in Florida create an ongoing battle against humidity. Without a properly running air conditioner, the humidity in your home will increase, only causing more discomfort. A dehumidifier will remove any excess moisture in the air.

5. Stay hydrated.

Beating the heat isn’t only achieved through adjusting your home. It’s also important to adjust your body. Frequently drinking cold water will cool your body temperature and keep your mind at ease. 

Investigate Your AC

In some cases, your air conditioner may have an easily identifiable problem. To save time and prepare for the technicians, you can investigate the issue in the following ways.

Double Check Your Breakers

If your breaker trips, a power outage will occur, rendering your AC unit inoperable. If you notice any power outages in other areas of your home, this could be the case. Check your electrical panel and see if any breaker switches are in the “off” position. Proceed to flip it on, off, and back on to fully reset the power.

Look For Refrigerant Leaks 

Typically, you’ll notice water leaking from your air conditioning or even ice crystals on the coils. These signs are significant because refrigerant leaks cannot solely be fixed by refilling the liquid. A technician must properly repair the coils first, so you don’t continue to face problems.

Examine Your Air Filter

If your air filter hasn’t been changed monthly, debris build-up can clog the system. This buildup causes an increase in power to push air through, and eventually, the system will overheat. When an air conditioning system overheats, the components must safely cool before turning on again. Replacing the air filter may resolve this issue.

Keep Us On Speed Dial for Your AC Emergencies 

When facing stressful air conditioning outages, take action immediately. If your cooling system has stopped working, contact our Comfort Temp team to help. Let us take care of your AC unit, so it can keep you and your family cool. Our skilled technicians are on call, so you never have to worry.

If you’re in need of ac replacement in Gainesville or Jacksonville, Florida, call us today! Our team of heating and air experts will serve you with the best ac services in North Florida.

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