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Why Does My Home Have Hot and Cold Spots?

Have you noticed that different areas of your home are cooler or warmer than others? No matter how equipped your HVAC system is, you are bound to have hot and cold spots throughout your home. Read on to find out what causes your home to have varying temperatures in different rooms.

Areas Where Temperature Varies

Direct Sunlight or Air Vents

If you’ve ever noticed your pets lying in a sunny area in your home, they are enjoying the warmth of the sun. This would be considered a hot spot in your home. This is why we advise you to close your blinds during the sunniest parts of the day, especially during the hot Florida summer.

In the same way, the area around air vents tends to get chilly, especially when you have the AC blasting. 

Bathrooms and Kitchens

From your shower to your oven, there are many ways that the temperature in your bathroom and kitchen can be higher than the rest of your home. If you were to take a shower and adjust your thermostat based on the temperature of your bathroom, you’d think that your entire home is warmer than it actually is, wasting energy excessively cooling your home.

Near Doors and Windows

The strong heat in Florida comes in through any exits you have in your home. As you come in and out, the hot air passes right in and impacts the surrounding area. This can also happen during the short period of cold weather we get in winter. Living in Florida, it is especially important to analyze if your windows and doors are sealed properly. If they are not, you could be losing money and precious cool air every day.

Airflow Problems

Sometimes, feeling hot or cold spots in your home is not as easily explained as when you are near a sunny window or under an air vent. In fact, these hot or cold spots can be a result of airflow issues in your home, such as one room getting too much airflow or not enough. 

Improper airflow could be a result of leaking ducts, wrong-sized ducts or incorrect zoning. A temporary solution could be to simply increase the overall airflow, but that is not a sustainable fix! If you suspect your home has leaky or improper air ducts, call us today! 

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