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Yes, absolutely, carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas produced during the combustion of fuels. It’s colorless, odorless, tasteless and can be fatal. Short-term exposure to carbon monoxide usually results in flu-like symptoms: nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue. Long-term exposure can eventually lead to unconsciousness or death. Minimal amounts may impair your brain function and impact your health. Cracks, leaks, obstructions and other malfunctions in your heating system can cause carbon monoxide to develop and accumulate.

Protect you and your family by keeping your heating equipment properly functioning by regular inspections and maintenance. Keep furnaces, chimneys and vents free of obstruction. Installing a carbon monoxide detector, available at any home supply store can keep you aware of any issues. If you have a gas stove or heater, inspect the color of the pilot light, the flame should be at least 80 percent blue. If the flame is mostly yellow, it could be producing carbon monoxide, have the unit checked by a professional immediately. Today’s modern heating systems burn cleaner than older systems, minimizing or eliminating your risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Call us today to schedule an estimate to replace or schedule an appointment if you want your system inspected.

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