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New Commercial Construction Services

When you begin building a new commercial space, it’s important to design your HVAC system in a way that will best serve your company for years to come. Having a comfortable environment and safe, breathable air for both your employees and your customers makes everyone’s experience with your business better. Florida business owners have trusted the Comfort Temp experts for their commercial HVAC services for over 35 years. So, no matter what our unpredictable Florida weather brings, you can count on your commercial HVAC system to run reliably and keep you comfortable.

Why Hire a Professional

Commercial systems have more complex sizing requirements than residential units. It is too complicated for a non-specialist to tackle and know which size and specifications fit their unique building needs the best. So, it is essential to partner with commercial heating and cooling system experts so you can be assured that your technician understands and has experience installing, maintaining, and repairing large-scale commercial units – not just residential. Our Comfort Temp HVAC experts are trained on commercial units and are knowledgeable about which unit you need for your space, and we measure and inspect thoroughly, so we get it right for you.


Choosing an incorrect size for your commercial HVAC can prove costly. If your unit is too small, it will fail to keep your building at an optimal temperature, leading to fluctuating temperatures as you or your employees continually adjust the thermostat to try to get comfortable. Or conversely, a unit too large for your space can lead to energy wastage and higher monthly energy bills.


As professional HVAC system installers, we determine how many British Thermal Units (BTUs), or how much energy required to pull heat from the air, are needed for your building’s square footage. This number allows us to create a customized and energy-efficient HVAC system for your space.

Determining the Stage

Commercial HVAC systems can be designed as a single-stage or multi-stage unit. A single-stage unit means that the unit only has one setting (on) as opposed to a multi-stage unit that allows for various outputs at different levels. Single-stage units are ideal for small buildings, while multi-stage can be more efficient for larger areas.

New Construction HVAC Services With Comfort Temp

Our service does not end after installation, and through regular maintenance and attention, we ensure that your unit runs well – and lasts a long time. We recommend that your commercial unit is inspected, and the filter changed at least quarterly to help your unit run its best and prevent small problems from becoming large ones unexpectedly down the road.

Whatever your building’s needs, we offer customized solutions to ensure that everyone in your building remains in optimum comfort. Our Comfort Temp technicians are trusted experts in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair, for commercial construction. Contact us today to get started on your new commercial, energy-efficient construction HVAC system!

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“Ricky, this is just a note to say thank you!! You and your team went above and beyond for us for the past two weeks (our busiest of the year) and we really appreciate your professionalism and your ability to make things happen for us. Thanks again!”

Jay E., Mechanical Supervisor

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“Thank you to Comfort Temp A/C and their tech Michael! This company should be in charge of showing others how it should be done. Paige was excellent and super helpful in resolving my concerns. Michael, the tech, was knowledgeable and was happy to explain in detail what needed to be fixed and why. Best part, my AC is up and running and my house is finally cooling down. They showed up after another company told us it would be days until it could be fixed. I called at 8, they drove to Ocala to get the part, showed up at my house, fixed the unit all before 1:30. That is customer service at its best! “

Jorge E.

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