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Indoor Air Quality Services


Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air inside and directly surrounding homes and buildings. IAQ takes into account many air pollutants, such as biological pollutants (bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, mites, animal dander, etc.), carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, secondhand tobacco smoke, and volatile organic factors (VOCs) which unfortunately all regularly enter a household’s air supply. The health and comfort of residents are directly affected by the quality of the air they breathe. The impact of poor air quality can have lingering health effects years later, posing a significant risk factor for developing respiratory diseases, cardiovascular illnesses, and cancers. There may even be immediate damaging effects of repeatedly being exposed to low-quality air, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Worsened asthma symptoms
  • Irritation of the nasal passages and throat

Taking effective steps to improve the air quality in your home can allow you to breathe freely, knowing that you and your family are safe from air pollutants.

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Does Your Home Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Sometimes the trickiest part of correcting poor IAQ is deciding whether or not you need to take corrective action. As harmful airborne substances can undoubtedly find their way into your home, along with potentially pathogenic microorganisms and other biological pollutants, it’s imperative to take precautionary action. However, there are some clear signs that your home suffers from low IAQ. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then we highly recommend that you start taking action to improve the quality of your home’s air.

  • Is it humid or uncomfortable in your home?
  • Do you find yourself having to turn the thermostat below 75 degrees Fahrenheit to get your home cool?
  • Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies or respiratory issues?
  • Have you noticed dust coming from your air conditioning vents?
  • Does the air in your home seem stagnant or stale?
  • Are there often unwanted odors within your home?
  • Have you noticed any mildew growth on or around the vents?

There are many different factors that can lead to the deterioration of Indoor Air Quality. Harmful chemicals and gases from candles or aerosol cans can build up over time. Dust, dander, and pollen can also build up if not cleaned or filtered out on a regular basis. Poor home insulation can cause a number of other effects, including too high or too low humidity, mold, and outside pollutants infiltrating your home. 

The Right Solutions to Help You Breathe Better

Air Purifiers

Our air purification systems reduce the concentrations of pollutants through the effective combination of hospital-grade filtration and photocatalytic oxidation, a process that breaks down household odors and chemical vapors into harmless carbon dioxide and water. 


Air filters serve to eliminate an enormous amount of the pollutants in your home as the air gets recirculated throughout the ventilation system. 98% of all harmful airborne particles, such as dust and mold spores, will be removed from your home’s air supply by our optimized air filter systems.

Germicidal Lights

Germicidal lights use powerful rays of ultraviolet light to neutralize and remove contaminants from the air, protecting your family against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and molds. The IAQ of your entire home can be swiftly improved by installing a germicidal light inside your duct system.


Complete comfort and proper IAQ require a precise balance of indoor humidity levels which a high-quality humidifier can help maintain. These whole-home systems can be particularly beneficial during the winter months when indoor air tends to become dry due to the low humidity levels outside.


If your home struggles with excess humidity, our dehumidifiers easily integrate into your heating and cooling systems to reduce moisture levels to their proper balance. Rather than portable dehumidifiers that are bulky and hard to use, our dehumidification systems offer a simple, painless solution.


The introduction of outdoor air into your home is essential for IAQ; however, most heating and cooling systems don’t mechanically drive fresh air inside. Our Heat Recovery Ventilators and Energy Recovery Ventilators offer an energy-efficient way to replace stale indoor air with fresher, cleaner outdoor air.

In order to provide the highest standard of IAQ services, Comfort Temp proudly offers products from Platinum IAQ™.  Platinum IAQ™ is a trusted industry leader providing effective and long-lasting IAQ products.

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