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Heat Pump Services

Although you may not realize it, your heat pump plays a big part in keeping you comfortable year-round. It pulls double duty, acting as both a heating and cooling system, and although they don’t operate well in harsher northern temperatures, our moderate winters make the heat pump an excellent option for us Floridians.

How Does It Work?

Unlike other systems, a heat pump works by moving heat rather than generating it. During the hotter months, it helps keep you cool by removing heat from the inside air and moving it outside. During the winter months, the heat pump does the exact opposite, pulling heat energy from outside of your home to warm up the inside. While there may not be a noticeable difference in energy use in cooling mode, whether you use a heat pump or an AC unit, heat pumps are much more energy-efficient than a furnace in colder weather.

Heat Pump Maintenance 

Our Comfort Temp experts recommend regular maintenance to ensure your heat pump operates at its best and serves you for years to come. It should be inspected annually and tuned-up to remove any dirt, grease, or dust accumulated in your unit. In addition to checking the unit, ducts, belts, coils, thermostats, and filters, we will check airflow, diagnose, and seal any duct leaks.

Heat Pump Repair

There are several red flags to watch for with your heat pump. Proper maintenance can prolong your unit’s life, but if you notice any of the below happening in your home, it’s time to consider repair and possibly replacement.

Too Hot or Cold

As the name suggests, the reversing valve changes your heat pump refrigerant’s direction of flow according to your thermostat’s settings. This valve may be stuck if you find that your home is no longer heating or cooling properly.

Icy or Frozen Coils

If you see ice or other signs of freezing on your outdoor coils, it indicates a problem usually caused by a dirty air filter or a refrigerant leak. Our experienced Comfort Temp technicians can check for these and refill refrigerant fluids.

    Loud Noises

    As with your furnace, if you hear strange, new sounds coming from your heat pump, it needs to be inspected and possibly repaired.

    Short Cycling

    A deteriorating heat pump will operate in what’s called “rapid cycling,” where the unit continually turns off and on but not completing any of its cycles. You may not notice a difference in your home’s heating or cooling functions, but rapid cycling can wear your heat pump out prematurely and speed up the need for replacement.  

    Higher Electric Bill

    You may notice your energy bill is suddenly much higher without any other obvious causes, and your heat pump may be the culprit. Damaged coils are just one reason your heat pump malfunctions.

    Heat Pump Repair with Comfort Temp 

    Our Comfort Temp technicians are experts in heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair, and we have kept Florida homes like yours comfortable for over 35 years. 

    Whatever your heat pump service needs, contact us today!

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